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Blathering about hats; new Aviatrix icon.

The "average" girl has a large collection of some clothing item or accessory, like shoes or handbags or lip gloss.

For me, it's hats. Not pretty hats, but ones that meet my dual requirements of being relatively dull-colored yet practical, like my grey fake-fur toque, that olive drab Aussie cap I picked up over winter vacation or my beloved fedora. (That blue beanie I've been wearing all winter is an exception to the dull-colored rule because it matches the blue scarf Vogon gave me last winter.)

Anyway, I've been debating buying a Royal Mail hat from the American Science and Surplus catalog for awhile. Today I was browsing Pop's Leather (they make custom-fit leather at incredible prices) and was distracted from my Royal Mail hat fixation by their Sheepskin Flying Helmet. Could I pull that off or would I look too much like a character from Tank Girl?


This is really a gratuitous icon post for my new aviation-related icon: Dave Bryant's Aviatrix character.
Tags: 646.7_personal_care_and_beauty, livejournal

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