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I need to wear my "f*ck with me and I will saw off your legs" t-shirt more often.

Remember the Sea Hag and her evening and overnight noise upstairs? The "boys will be boys" lady?

She bought a drum set for her son.

He decided to start drumming at 9:15 PM.

We decided to throw a volleyball at the ceiling several times and yell "SHUT THE F*CK UP".

Now he -- and possibly the Sea Hag -- are stomping around. She will make extra-noisy sex noises later which  makes me laugh since I imagine anyone trying to have sex with a dessicated Carly Simon. There may not be enough mink oil in the world to soften that leather, whoo!

I think it is now time to pull out my Evil Plans.

She might think she's being clever, but they're the third upstairs neighbor since I've been here [2]. Vogon's been here for over five years and we have only had one complaint from the management. (I put a broken office chair outside our door on a weekend to go down for curbside pickup on Monday; there was a surprise check for trash violations and they took a photo. I took the chair to the dumpster and paid the $50 fine.) If it comes to attrition warfare, I win.

I've put up with their noise to the point where I've quit bothering the apartment office because they don't do anything and the police only take noise complaints after 11 PM. The last time I called on them was at 3:30 in the morning because they were making noise and smoke. I've since caulked around the seals on the patio doors and bought replacement weatherstripping for the front door out of our own pocket.

Now I am digging my heels in and I will be damned if I let them disrupt my family's sleep.


1. We have very little foot traffic on our breezeway and I can identify our neighbors, complex maintenance, and the UPS guy by ear. We don't live here by accident.

2. The upstairs neighbors when I moved here in 2004 were a couple of affable drunks that hardly made any noise. We liked them. They were replaced a few months later by the Value-Sized Rednecks, who only had two kids but you would have thought they had a three-ring circus in there from the amount of heavy-stepped stomping that went on up there. Following several months of vacancy, we've been suffering the Sea Hag et al since this summer.
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