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Arrow of Light cake excitement, big den outing, and hey! It's Girl Scout Cookie Time!

Earlier tonight, I brain-dumped a whole bunch of Arrow of Light ideas and suggestions to our Webelos den leaders. I may get to make a half-sheet cake for the celebration, which I *really* hope means I get to use fireworks sparklers since I recently learned that the burn ban does not apply to city property. Odds are I'll just get to do some fun icing decorations like the little campers that have been in every Wilton yearbook for ages, but hey, I'll take any excuse to play with cake decorations. It's constructive fun with sugar!

I'm also excited that our den is going to tour a local news station's studio this weekend. They don't usually do tours for kids as young as ours, but one of our den's families has a connection and we just have to be on our very best behavior. I think we'll do okay since every Tiger Cub has an adult partner with them at all Cub Scout functions.

It's Girl Scout Cookie time!...

In Girl Scout news, it's Girl Scout Cookie Time! If you're in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I made a post over at dfwtx on how to buy cookies in your neighborhood. If you don't want cookies for yourself, you can make a donation to the Gift of Caring project to purchase cookies to be donated to military personnel or local charitable organizations.
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