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Are children's sizes changing? and research linking herpes and Alzheimer's.

Two observations:

0. Apparently children's clothing manufacturers have "adjusted" sizes again. I'm reasonably sure I'm not shrinking, yet a girls' 16 seems to be at least a full size larger than it was a year ago. So far this has tripped me up buying underwear and yoga pants. I'd like to make an offering to the fashion gods to help me find yoga pants that fit me like the pair I bought last year.

1. gamahucheur posted a link to an article last week discussing a link between the ApoE-4 gene and herpes simplex 1, which are respectively a key risk factor for Alzheimer's and the virus that causes cold sores around the mouth. vogonpoet took a keen interest in it and has been bringing it up as more bits pop up in his memory about both subjects.


I've got a busy week with school and Scouts this week, so I may be slow on replies but I will get to you.

Trish, I'll e-mail you menus to choose from in the next day or two. I finally got them typed up over the weekend!
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