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Home again and New Year's recap.

Despite our originally booked flights being canceled both ways due to weather at their respective destinations, we had a vacation. I've got a bunch of photos and a travelogue post coming, but I want to reassure all of you that I'm alive even though I haven't posted lately.

And now, how we rang in the New Year:

It seems my unspoken New Year's resolution has been to try new things that push my social comfort level, so Vogon took me to the Galleria on New Year's Eve to find a dress for our tradition of ringing in the new year dressed to the nines. The whole experience of shopping in a high-end department store was pretty surreal; I felt quite out of place poking around in my casual dress.

With his encouragement and much giggling on my part at the construction details on some of the dresses we looked at (I know I'm not into modern couture, but wow), we left Nordstrom's with a black sheath that I dug on first sight and a red ruched jersey dress with a deeper v-neckline than I'd pick on my own. I am quite amused that I own more dresses than jeans now.

After the mall, we hit Target for a girls' dress for Laurel and shoes to go with our dresses (black slippers with a beading detail for her, a pair of simple slides for me), then on to New Year's Eve dinner at The Blue Fish, where we thankfully weren't the only family with children in tow. Laurel has been demanding miso ever since, so it's time to either make or pick up a block of plain tofu for that. (:

I got distracted by the Law & Order marathon waiting for midnight and wound up watching a few episodes after Laurel went back to bed after the toast, so we all slept in on New Year's Day and had takeout Chinese for a late lunch/early dinner.

Now I'm getting back into the swing of housework with the return to regular FlyLady zones and getting this month's PTA newsletter ready to go to print. Wish me luck, or at least a respite from Laurel recapping cartoon scenes from memory for me every few minutes. (:
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