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Angry Laurel cuts her own hair. Film at 11.

Laurel has spent most of the afternoon alternately grumbling and crying over her perception that someone was being really mean to her by canceling our flight this afternoon. She talked to my mom and sister about the weather there and we watched a news segment on it too, but with overcast weather here in the 60s she's just not grasping it. I finally put in my earplugs and told her to let me know when she was done crying and using her whiny voice.

I sat down in front of the TV with my earplugs on and was half-consciously watching some design show on HGTV when she finally quieted down and emerged from her bedroom with ballpoint pen ink on her face. She said her face itched.

I replied it would itch less if she took her washcloth in the bathroom and washed the ink off her face, then I noticed her hair looked funny. She cut about 60% of her bangs to less than an inch from her hairline, and a couple bits in the tapered length working up to her bangs. For lack of a more delicate term, she looks mentally challenged.

We're taking her to Great Clips this evening to see what they can do with her hair.
Tags: 305.23_children, laurel

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