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Happy Repeal Day, hi Trish!, sock animals, fast minutes turnaround and House, MD note.

Celebrating Repeal Day; image from Brownie Points BlogHappy repeal day!

December 5th is the anniversary of the day the United States repealed the Eighteenth Amendment and gave us all the constitutional right to consume alcohol. [trivia source] [image source]


I had to turn off the NPR live coverage of the Gates confirmation hearing because I kept typing phrases I found funny into the PTA newsletter I'm preparing for print.


I saw trshtwns01 late this morning so I have been dancing around singing "panang" to the tune of that M.I.A. song again, but no-one's around to hear it so you're all safe. T., I'll send you a list of menu options either later tonight or tomorrow.

I looked up my favorite toy store in Denver to find pictures of the menagerie of non-monkey sock animals I mentioned to her. They don't have the rhinoceros I like so much online, but they do have a sock gorilla, a sock turtle, a sock moose, a sock bear and a sock frog. Cute! Last time I was there I bought the "beep-beep car" that's my Travel user icon and Laurel charmed her way into a whole bunch of things, including a pair of castanets that look like a ladybug. I think I like toy stores a little more than the average adult.


I dared myself to sit down and type up meeting minutes as soon as I got home from the meeting last night. Around noon, I got an e-mail from one of the recipients of said minutes (which I'd mailed as an attachment with a summary of the actionable items as the main body of the e-mail) that read "Thank you! You rock!" and I am feeling absurdly proud of that.

I'm going to let Laurel get some free time in on the computer before dinner. I'll be around later after tonight's meeting since House is a repeat tonight ("Three Stories", the Carmen Electra cameo episode). It's a rather embarrassing reflection on our cultural literacy that 54% of poll respondents on the House website didn't understand the "thirty pieces of silver" reference at the end of the new episode that aired 28 November 2006. Hint: the episode's title is "Finding Judas". *palm to forehead*
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