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Augh! (in a good way)

The UPS guy just dropped off a package from Amazon.com. After reasurring Vogon that I did not know what it was, I told him to open it in case it was a surprise.

He made excited noises and told me some of it was for Laurel and the rest was for me.

Laurel is reading Sideways Stories from Wayside School RIGHT THIS MINUTE, despite my reminders that it's 26 minutes past bathtime and she has to be in the bath by 2030.

Vogon keeps stroking How We Became Posthuman, which toddler_hiway charged me to read awhile back.

Me, I'm just bouncing around because I can read Probable-Possible aloud ad nauseam ANYTIME I WANT!

I'm unable to Postulate How!

Huge ridiculous hugs and sloppy kisses to revme.


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Nov. 30th, 2006 03:31 am (UTC)
Hooray! It is a very early xmas! Hooray for that, I suppose! I _LOVED_ the Sideways Stories books, so I figured that Laurel would probably dig the hell out of them, too. There's a lot of things in there, that I still think about. Like Mac/Leslie, the kid who got a tattoo of a potato, the cannibalistic ice-cream-flavors, the non-existent story, and a bunch of other stuff. I almost got Phantom Tollbooth instead, but I didn't because:
a) It still might be a skosh old for her
b) You've probably already got like about twenty gilded copies of that one for her anyway since it's SO AMAZINGLY GOOD.

So, um, yes! Hooray!

Glad you like earlyxmas!


(also, I know it's time, but I still read "2030" as, y'know, the year.)
Nov. 30th, 2006 04:53 am (UTC)
I loved the Sideways Stories too! When I drove my teacher nuts after returning to public school a couple grades ahead of my age peers in math, she handed me a copy of "Sideways Arithmetic from Wayside School" and told me to tell her when I solved them all.

I really hated that she did that instead of letting me continue from where I was, but it fanned the flame of my love for math & logic puzzles.

I have a well-loved hardcover copy of Phantom Tollbooth. I never thought of gilding it... (:

Laurel is reading easy chapter books, by which I mean stuff like the Sideways Stories books, Charlotte's Web and Stuart Little, not those "first chapter books" that are like two sentences to a page with a big illo on every page. It's been a challenge NOT to play comparison because I was reading that before kindergarten, but I remind myself that I am uniquely equipped to be an educational advocate for her to receive appropriate academic challenges. And then I go ahead and buy chapter books to read at home while her group guided reading books are two sentences a page with art that bleeds off 2.5 sides of the page. Gah.

(Note that I'm not saying picture books are bad in any way! I'm just saying that I consider it my responsibility to make sure Laurel stays interested in reading and doesn't slack off when things are too easy for her in class.)

How come I hadn't discovered the mathematical books of Clifford Pickover before tonight? I found them a few clicks away from that Sideways Arithmetic book because I wanted to check the title, then went "ooo neat math books!" and started clicking away. Hello, short attention span!

In the year 2030 Laurel had better not still be living at home, yo. (:
Nov. 30th, 2006 04:54 am (UTC)
Also, it's really wacky to see "Newberry Medal-winning author of Holes" on the front of the slipcover.
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