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D'Evelyn has to represent on Wikipedia. Yo! or something.

I stumbled across Gabe Thexton's blog yesterday and it made me wonder whether anyone has contributed to the Wikipedia page for our dear alma mater. *clears throat*

I found a half-hearted infobox with a photo of the school and a blurb about how D'Evelyn has the highest average ACT score of any Colorado school. None of the fun stuff, not even a tongue-in-cheek reference to the Prayer Group Named After That Dean What Died Suddenly or our sports teams' stellar successes. Some indeterminate time of flogging minimally interesting data later (and looking at pictures of cheerleaders, heh heh), I present: D'Evelyn Junior/Senior High School on Wikipedia.

karaksindru, if you have access to your yearbooks, I most kindly request -- and offer favors to be negotiated later -- for you to scan the opening ceremony photos from the first yearbook for me. I no longer have access to a copy so I'm hoping you might. *bats eyelashes*
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