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Like a good neighbor... like frell they are.

I hate to complain to my complex office about my upstairs neighbors (especially because I called the police on a noise complaint a few weeks ago when they held a party on their patio between 0130 and 0300 that woke me up from medicated sleep), but this one took the cake:

I just caught their 'tween son standing outside my door with the ice tray from the freezer throwing ice cubes at my door. I opened the door after hearing odd tapping noises, scaring the daylights out of him and a couple of kids his age standing out there, who promptly dashed upstairs and slammed their respective front doors.

And the Sea Hag up there wonders why I don't like kids. Being a parent must be really easy when you don't know what your kids are doing.

Mine has been amused indoors and on our patio all day with age-appropriate toys and projects (hint: FamilyFun magazine's Thanksgiving minisite has lots of stuff to do). Minimal jumping/stomping, indoor voice, supervised. I still get annoyed by some things she chooses to do, but at least she's not annoying the neighbors.
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