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Feh to paying out-of-pocket when I shouldn't have to.

I am not pleased that our health care FSA card wasn't accepted. I'm starting to think that they're not the best choice for me given our experience with United Healthcare. (We saw the doctor just once when kiddo had an ear infection and had to pay out of pocket for it anyway after UHC decided it wasn't covered. We would have paid less as a self-pay.)

On the bright side, it was slightly less than expected: $61 for 30 days of medications versus $38 for 14 days' worth that I paid earlier this year. I'm not pleased with the cost, but it was /much/ faster and easier than jumping through automated phone prompt and voice mail hoops in hopes of a refill being approved in the three days before the current supply ended followed by a 50-minute round trip and an indeterminate wait in a noxious-smelling waiting room.

It sounds like I'm turning into Charles Winchester from M*A*S*H. Please yell at me if I lapse into a Boston accent.
Tags: 155.2_individual_psychology, 640.42_finances

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