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The new Archie McPhee catalog always makes me want to write out a wish list like I still believe in Santa. Tonight I was feeling exceptionally creative and wrote up a list by the alphabet. (This is also my McPhee Holiday Wish List contest entry, but you can suspend your belief and humor me.)

A is for an Asian "Welcome" Doormat to greet visitors to my home.
B is for a Brain Gelatin Mold that I can make brainy snacks for my school's workroom.
C is for a Cat Buddha for me, a Cat-A-Pult to amuse people, Chinese Take-Out Charms to make a bracelet, several collectable tin toys (Putt Putt Boat, Shriner Teeter Totter, Windup Train Station) to keep my Rover the Space Dog company , and Cylinder Flask with Funnel so my husband and I can have His and Hers flasks.
D is for a Dashboard Monk for my car and Deluxe Finger Monsters to keep my fingers warm.
E is for Evil Bendy (part of the Bendy Bunch).
F is for a Female Mannequin Head Betty to grace my sewing area.
G is for some Glow Fairies to hang from my daughter's bedroom ceiling.
H is for Holy Toast so we have more fun with our breakfast.
I is for Itty Bitty Rubber Chickens to give my mom.
J is for a Jumbo Mystery Box because I like surprises in the mail.
K is for a King Of Meat Grilling Apron for my husband
L is for a Lil' Cowgirl Costume since my daughter is smarting that I made her Cowgirl Jessie costume in size 4 a few years ago and she outgrew it.
M is for a Mini Fairy Land my daughter would love and more Mini Rubber Chickens for my mom.
N is for Nun Finger Puppets so I can recreate a tiny Catholic school with Polly Pocket dolls.
O is for an Officers Field Kitchen so I can kick butt at car camping.
P is for lots of Parasite Pals (Parasite Pals Desk Set, Parasite Pals Lunch Kit, Parasite Pals Patch, Parasite Pals Pencil Toppers, and Parasite Pals Valentines for the whole first grade), a Pink Flamingo Whirlygig to mark my campsite, and a Poker Cocktail Shaker for my husband's shaker collection.
Q is for a Quad Cam that would entice me to go out and buy film.
R is for a Ring For Service Bell to put in my first business someday.
S is for Savvy Bachelor Mop Slippers because I hate my mop and a Small Blue Hand Chair for my daughter and then iconoplast's after my daughter outgrows it.
T is for The Illustrated Librarian Temporary Tattoos because they rock so hard and a Tiny Fez for my cat or maybe my nephew.
U is for a Uganda Railway Vertical Lunchbox to keep my other metal lunchboxes company.
V is for Valentine Pocket Tins to share with my friends and a Viking Helmet so I can hang out with the Viking Barflies.
W is for Windup Sushi to make fun desk toys and a Women in War Vertical Snackbox to play nicely with my metal lunchbox collection.
X is for some eXtra food stowed in a Tickles Tapeworm Snackbox. (Do I get points for creativity?)
Y is for a Yellow Devil Duckie to hide among our regular yellow rubber duckies and Yoga Boy Gift Wrap to give that special something to elementary school birthday parties.
Z is for a Zoo Animal Noses Assortment I would share with my Cub Scout den.

McPheesters, what can I do to get a Wedding Bendy Couple? I really want one but they're gone from the catalog.


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