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Toys: LeapFrog Alphabet Pal and Klutz Kwiz Gizmo.

I mentioned a blog post to iconoplast the other day about the LeapFrog Alphabet Pal and its dirty, dirty mouth but couldn't rememeber where I'd read it. A quick Google search turned up that "Hooked on Dirty Phonetics" was written by Susie Bright and you can also make it say pinko. (:

While I'm on the subject of toys, do any of you with older kids have a Klutz Kwiz Gizmo? I found Kwiz Decks for kindergarten and first grade at my local dollar store, but a quick search for the Kwiz Gizmo alone turns up a product unavailable hit on Amazon and $12 plus shipping from Zooscape, an online retailer in Canada. If you've got one to trade or want to barter, let's talk.

edit 20 NOV: I scored a Kwiz Gizmo packaged with the first grade Math deck plus the second grade Launch, Challenge and Math decks for $20 on eBay. w00t.
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