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Texas House District 64 candidate John McLeod: good people.

I've never heard the descriptor "good people" used anywhere as often as I have in Texas. This week, something happened that reminded me of why it's used so often here.

Earlier this week, a Kinky Friedman sign outside the Carroll Courts Building in Denton was ripped off its ground stake and a sign for state representative candidate John McLeod was affixed to the stake. Inquiry into whether anyone had witnessed that yielded that someone had been seen tearing the original sign off the stake and replacing it with the sign they were carrying.

Whit Dietrich, one of the Denton County coordinators for the Friedman campaign, contacted the McLeod campaign about the damaged sign and exchanged e-mails with Mr. McLeod over the past few days. Here's what Whit posted about it earlier today:

"Mr. McLeod has assured me that he found the volunteer responsible and spoke with him at length about the importance of respecting the efforts of other campaigns.

"He also offered (at no urging by me), to both make a donation to Kinky's campaign as well as place a few signs himself.

"As far as I am concerned this man has done everything he can to make this right and I respect him for it. I have to admit that I was probably a bit harsh in my initial email towards him (a quick temper being something Barbara [Vizard Haas, the other Denton County coordinator] and I share), so the fact that he didn't just blow me off says volumes about his character."

If you're in Texas House District 64, please take a look at John McLeod before you vote.
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