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I'm no domestic goddess, but I make hilarious observations.

Vogon made tofu early in the the weekend and forgot to either use it or put it in the fridge, so I made a mental note to throw it out on Monday so it wouldn't stink up the trash in the meanwhile.

On Monday, I had a brain fart and put it in the new bag I put into the trashcan instead of the old bag earmarked to go out.

Fast forward to this morning, our second trash day of the week. The rotting soy reek when I removed the bag was so strong it made me with my diminished sense of smell gag. When Vogon walked by the now-emptied trashcan a half hour later, he began retching.

At this point I did The Right Thing and filled the bottom third of the trash can with a strong bleach solution and let it sit for an hour.

Coming in this afternoon, I noted the bleach and faint rotting soy aroma in the nearly dry can as smelling exactly like the frozen section of an Oriental supermarket.
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