Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu (oddharmonic) wrote,
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Brokedown computer.

After I woke up this morning, I noticed my computer had turned itself off sometime during the night. Pressed the power button -- nothing. Got under the desk and checked all the cords, the PSU switch on the back of the case, and reset my power strip before pressing the power button again -- still nothing. The numlock light on my keyboard /is/ on though, which I find confusing but hopeful. Until I call down to Altex for a quote on looking at Linden, I'm back to using Naess, my old computer, in Laurel's room.

Biko has pitched in her support by moving her stealth operations from under my computer desk (the "cat cave") to Laurel's bed while I am using her computer. This has led to me typing this and eating refried beans in the bedroom while Biko grooms her hind legs and shoots me "I'm gonna come lick your hairy legs" looks.
Tags: 004_computers, cat-biko

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