Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu (oddharmonic) wrote,
Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu

Survey: 13 questions, swiped from shinju

1. How many pens do you own? More than I should, I'm sure. In lieu of my departed Waterman Hémisphère (marble red lacquer finish; some wanker in my spring 1997 choir class realized it was disparate from my perceived economic status and liberated it), I'm loyal to the Uni-ball Roller (0.2mm "micro" tip, black ink), which is also my dad's pen of choice. For inking illustrations, I use a Pentel Rolling Writer; (0.4mm tip, black ink). Someday I'll own a Sailor pen, as they're one of the few companies that still makes its own nibs.

2. How many notebooks? Not very many. Either Laurel or Himself has used whatever I've had, aside from my 10-square-per-inch graph paper and a blank book I use for recipes.

3. Do you have any bad habits you want to break? Name one. I've broken all of the ones I had as a little burrito.

4. Do you keep a personal journal that no one sees? Have you ever? Not presently, but I have in the past. What would I write about now that someone wouldn't find out about anyway?

5. If there were no obstacles to you living anywhere in the world you wanted, where would it be? Way the hell away from people, if possible -- NoCal near Ukiah, western Colorado (close to familia, even), or anywhere in Montana (sorry, Jake). If not, Boulder. It's the last place Wal-Mart isn't, is blissfully smoke-free (for the most part) and is home to Naropa. Can't go wrong with that.

6. What's your favorite color and is there a reason it's your favorite? I don't think I could possibly pick one. Himself would say the color of the sky back home, though -- no-one out here seems to grasp the idea of a sky so blue it's tinged with purple.

7. Is Coca-Cola the real thing? God, I hope not. Cola flavor disgusts me.

8. What is your favorite animal and why? My husband. *chuckles* Seriously, I'd have to say penguins. Can't go wrong with an animal Danger says I'd be that's also on my favorite mints.

9. How much sleep a night do you need? How much do you usually "get by" on? Couldn't tell you since I spawned and anywhere from 5-10 hours, depending on whether Himself gets up with Laurel or I do.

10. Do you know what Blue's Clues is? If yes, are you sad that Steve left? I've seen the show. I think Steve Burns did himself a favor by moving on before he completely fell into the rut of being Steve from Blue's Clues, but I haven't warmed up to Joe yet. I'll get there evenetually.

11. Is a box of brand new crayons (the big one with 96 colors) and a pad of blank paper an invitation to draw or to write? I'm not wild about crayons, but given a box I'd use them on fabric (the new Keepsake Quilting catalog has an entire book devoted to crayon quilt techniques *g*) and the paper for origami.

12. Do you eat ice cream in the winter? What is your favorite flavor? Yes and it was Ben and Jerry's Makin' Whoopie Pie, but I live in a backwater where no place carries it closer than an hour away from here. Lacking any other B&J's flavors I like locally, I've settled for eating Edy's/Dreyer's Dreamery Black Raspberry Avalanche.

13. Is it cold enough for you? Not in this outer ring of hell. After I return to a place where there are actual seasons, we'll see.
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