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How to remove Badge Magic adhesive and preparations for the first pack meeting of the year.

Today I learned that Badge Magic is pure evil. In order to remove a few experienced badges that had been adhered with the product onto a similarly experienced shirt, it took three hours from the initial hot iron to soften the adhesive to pulling the shirt out of its second wash cycle.

The workflow:
  • hot iron to soften the adhesive and pull the patches off

  • repeated ironing of white paper to get the adhesive to transfer to the paper and off the patches

  • putting the shirt in the sink and soaking the sticky areas with Goo Gone, letting sit for 10 minutes before scrubbing at it

  • more ironing with clean paper

  • rinsing the shirt with dish soap and applying Cadie Stubborn Stain Stick before trip #1 through the washer

  • scraping remaining adhesive goo off the patches, finally cutting a good chunk of the backing off a world Scouting crest (basically interfacing, but it was hard and crystallized like it had been superglued at some point)

  • pulling the shirt out of the wash to find significant goo still on it; first I try nail polish remover on it, get nothing, then rinse and try canola oil, let sit ten minutes, scrub and put back through the wash

  • iron the salvaged patches to fusible interfacing to prevent future goo transfer, zig-zag the pack numerals together to make a cleaner line on the sleeve

  • pull the shirt out of the wash, pleased with the minimal goo left and pin the badges on, ready to sew.

Since I'm putting badges on three shirts tonight, I'm going one thread color at a time so I'm done with all red top threads (pack numerals and the top half of the council shoulder patches) and just started navy blue top threads (all remaining patches and the bottom of the CSP); I'm switching out bobbin colors as I go too since there's one khaki shirt and two navy. Whee.

Tomorrow I am putting the finishing touches on the den flag and look forward to a great first pack meeting of the year. I even decoupaged a couple of wooden neckerchief slides with Japanese paper -- one tiger, one dragon -- to add to the raffle swag for the Scouts that attend pack meetings. w00t.

edit 2300: Vogon came out while I was finishing up the sewing and suggested I try alcohol. It took the remaining goo right off and removed the lingering smoke smell the shirt had. I told him I hate him for having such an easy solution. (:
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