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If your car alarm went off with every thunderclap...

Confidential to my neighbor with the car alarm that sounds like a rapidly chirping low-battery beep: when there is a locally heavy thunderstorm cell in our area, it will set your alarm off with every thunderclap. Please be a love and turn your g_d_mn car alarm off for an hour instead of getting up to stop its chirp every time it goes off -- every few minutes this past half hour. It makes the rest of us want to go find your car and beat it until it's dead.

Thank you.

edit 0640: 1h20m since the first car alarm blare, it's gone off 12 times plus 6 warning chirps. They've obviously been too busy having intimate relations with a ruminid animal to care about irritating a couple hundred neighbors.

Since our complex office has been doorspamming us with notices to pick up after our dogs (we don't have one, thanks) I think I'll leave them a nice message asking if they can doorspam the complex with a note about being polite and turning off one's car alarm after the first half-dozen times it goes off in less than an hour.

I understand accidental setting off after Extra-Loud Motorcyle Guy would roar through and leave ten cars beeping in his wake, but that was usually in the early evening and only happened a few times -- enough to be accidental and not willfully stupid.
Tags: annoying_neighbors, cranky

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