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Ten Tiny Toes, marginalia article, whip up plug, and RIP Valentine the mantid.

I finally found a US supplier of the cross-stitch kit I've been wanting to stitch for my nephew: "Baby Feet", $26.99 from The Stitchery. Read "Imported from Belgium" as made by Vervaco, a company that makes some really beautiful pieces to me compared to the glut of twee, country and Thomas Kinkade kits on the market from US companies. It's only a few dollars cheaper right now than from Sew and So with the current exchange rate, though, and there are several charts I'd like to buy from them to combine shipping. Where I buy it remains to be seen, but I will eventually stitch Ten Tiny Toes for my favorite nephew.

Those of you that share me fascination with marginalia might like the new article "State of the Annotation" over at Inside Higher Ed.

As usual, whip up has all kinds of inspiration for me to expand my knitting fu and make some hats.

Our alpha mantid Valentine died today. She has been packed in cotton wool and interred in an empty Altoids tin; later I will print one of the many photos I took of her and decoupage it to the top of the tin. I told Vogon when I set up our family altar for Dia de los Muertos, she can prey on it. Hee.

And with that, I'm off to sleep because I've got an all-day training tomorrow and I need my beauty rest.
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