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Media diet: WYNC's Radio Lab, "Goat on a Cow" story.

I know a bunch of you love This American Life. Branching out from that, I recently got hooked on Radio Lab, a limited-season show from WNYC.

Today I teared up with joy at one segment. The site's synopsis for "Goat on a Cow":

Producer and gumshoe Laura Starecheski brings us along on a hunt that traverses the country, and time. The mystery to unravel? A box of old letters found on the side of the road by Erick Gordon. Git your teeth ready for a nail-bitin' chase through clues and suspects--a Manhattan middle school teacher, homesick WWII soldiers, Rte 101, an estranged wife and mother from the past, Bob and Carol, unfriendly landowners--that all revolve around, yes, a goat standing on a cow.

You can stream or download the segment from that show's page, "Detective Stories (April 14, 2006)".
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