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Funny things: twisting Mom's nose, 'naughty' library book, sparkling deodorant and cute swag.

I updated and e-mailed some forms I used to organize the Cougar Pride duck race paperwork to my dad yesterday. In his reply, he said he "twisted her [my mom's] clown nose and begged to have her there [at the duck race]" this year. I'm still laughing at that.

Via bookslut, parents in Utah are upset that their children are looking at a library book with artistic partial nudity. I boggled when I read "The question to me is not whether the book has a good story line, but does it sexually stimulate young boys?". Um, yeah.

While waiting in the checkout line to ring up a loaf of bread yesterday, I got distracted by a cart of clearance items full of sparkling deodorant for 10c each. After teasing Vogon that he'd have to take a picture of my underarm after I put some on at home, he joked I should go back and buy a dollar's worth, then send them out to my readers. I passed, but if anyone's interested, I can see if they still have it out today. (:

And if you're still looking for your daily dose of cute, I recommend these letterpressed invitations and an adorable fuzzy laptop case.
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