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Yesterday was a big mail coup for Laurel: educational software titles I bought at Broderbund's summer sale (including Kid Pix, which she's wanted all year) and a HUGE box of books from revme. Holy moly, man, you didn't tell me it was /that/ big! I swear it weighed half as much as the kiddo while I was carrying it home from the mailboxes. How much do you want for it?

We see a pretty limited collection of fauna visit our second-floor container garden. On an average day, I'll see several doves, some small birds that look like starlings, and perhaps a robin. Today I saw something big and colorful: an Eastern tiger swallowtail. When I told Vogon there was a giant butterfly on the patio, he went outside and his face lit up like he was a little kid. I hope to see it again tomorrow and take photos.

Valentine the mantid gets credit for spotting it first, as she fixated on something outside the window while I was handling her. I thought it was a bird until it rested on the lime tree and I could make out that it was a butterfly nearly as big as both my hands put together! The Wikipedia article isn't kidding when it says the butterflies can be as big as 12 cm across.

Tonight's our first PTA meeting of the school year, which means my Scout uniform's summer holidays are over. I pulled out my most-often-worn shirt to remove last year's patrol badge and sew on my new Circle Ten CSP. (I won't tell you how many Denver Area CSPs I have.)


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Aug. 23rd, 2006 12:09 am (UTC)
w00t, I'm glad it got there OK! It is pretty big, but it's all loaded with books, so hopefully Laurel will have fun with them! Also, Kid Pix is rad. Brian Eno also raves about that software. It's really cool. That would be very odd to see the giant butterfly, though. GIANT!

Aug. 23rd, 2006 03:17 am (UTC)
She is SO excited! Before I explained that I'd rearrange her shelves to have all her books within reach -- skewing the shelves in the bookcase lower, maybe swiping an extra one from the study bookcases -- she told me she could pick some old books out to give away to make room for the new ones.

She also says special thanks for the Archie comics. (She's still a little miffed that I threw away her old one that was shedding pages everywhere.)

I love playing with Kid Pix! I first encountered it on a touch-screen system in the kids' play area at Colorado Mills where I just had fun blowing up whatever was left on the screen and leaving it clear for the next visitor. (:

If the giant butterfly comes by tomorrow, I'll do my best to take a photo. It looked so much like a bird at first, I was befuddled until I saw the lower wings and my brain recognized "swallowtail" so I could be cogent enough to tell Vogon it was out there!
Aug. 23rd, 2006 08:32 pm (UTC)
would you please do me a favor? next time you're with laurel, please give her a big, long, sweet hug? smell her hair? feel how soft and loving she is?

you're both so good for each other.
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