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Lists of this week's goodness and stuff. Hi Regan!

Some good things I have done this week:

  • I completed a survey at Lightspeed Consumer Panel to earn the last few points I needed to redeem them for a $15 PayPal credit.

  • I found my missing school directory from last year so I can call Laurel's best friend's mother to discuss setting up a play date for the girls.

  • I organized all that program paperwork into a folder in chronological order to keep with the notebook I've been using for same.

  • I installed the 3D Groove player on the computer in Laurel's room so she can play the 3-D games at Nick Jr. Playtime. (I highly recommend that section of the Nick Jr. site for younger kids if you have a broadband connection.)

  • I picked up one Circle Ten CSP through Buy It Now and another an hour from the close of its listing on eBay for my Scout uniform so I've finally got everything I should have on my uniform shirt. It should arrive in time for me to sew it on prior to School Night for Scouting so I'll look all spiffy at the table for the age group I'm working with this year. This is important because recruiting an excited, committed to the program parent to be the den leader this year is an important part of the den's success and retention.

There were some other things, but they fell out of my head.

Also, stuff:

  • This is the doorbell I would have in a utopian world.

  • My finds at pallid_regina's LJ yard sale last weekend arrived today and now I am bouncing around between "Yay! Ben Kweller!" and "Yay! Aristocrats!" and beaming at the anklet because the dangly beads look like the cutest Cthulhu ever! Yes, I realize they're probably some culturally significant symbolism I don't recognize, but they look like Cthulhu to me and I /love/ that. And it fits! I am so excited by that, too, since I'm used to anklets and bracelets coming in one-size-that-does-not-fit-me.

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