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Laurel T., first grader.

Laurel started first grade today. She went in pretty chipper in the morning, though intimidated by the fact that the first through fifth graders sit together in the cafeteria. (Kindergarten and morning pre-k students sit at separate tables on the other side of the cafeteria.) I ran into one of my Cub Scouts on our way out of the cafeteria and he went over to Laurel and said hi, so she felt better after a third grader talked to her.

She was a little fussy in the afternoon because she wanted to go to the on-site after-school program, but I need to secure a job to fund that first (it's $55/week to attend 3-5 days a week). I'm seriously considering applying for the crossing guard position as it was unfilled for part of last year and is again "for the unforseeable [sic] future" as a flier sent home today announced. Four hours a day part-time will easily make enough for her to attend the after-school program, it'll give her something to do in the afternoon while I'm at the street crossing, and it'll get me out of the house more. (Vogon has already said he can run her over to school in the morning.)

She's not sure she likes her teacher yet, but I think once she settles in she'll be a happy camper.
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