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Another brief mental health update.

I saw my meds doc today. My current dosage levels are working out fine. My new scrip, which I'll get filled closer to home next week, will cover me for the next two months and I don't have another appointment at the 25-minutes-away outpatient clinic until mid-October.

The bad news is that I'm still disenrolled from NorthSTAR and we're not sure if Value Options will be willing to verify his employment with his previous employer in place of a termination letter. The outpatient clinic has really gone to bat for me, as has my therapist, trying to help get things straightened out, but it's getting tiring.

All that whee fun awesomeness set things up for the early signs of a panic attack, but working through the anxiety worksheet in The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook got that in check. I highly recommend the book.
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