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If anyone has directions for finding that gub'mint teat... oh, never mind.

I called Value Options once again to check on the status of my NorthSTAR enrollment.

My account hasn't been updated since I went through the latest financial eligibility assessment on 21 July, so I am still in their system as overqualified because they think I am in a one-member household. This is especially hilarious because the amount of money we're living on right now covers five things: rent/water, electricity, natural gas, perishable groceries, and Internet access so we can continue resume-spamming Monster.

At this point all that's left is laughter.

edit 1600: Vogon used his customer service ninja skills on Value Options for me. For whatever reason, Value Options had not updated my account information with the latest resubmission, but the OP clinic keeps all transmittal copies so they had proof it had been successfully faxed to them.

Several rounds of phone calls between the clinic and Value Options later, they took a copy of our new lease, asked for a letter regarding Vogon that we don't have (but can probably request) and suggested I change my name on the lease to my maiden name (which is my legal name for tax purposes) and send that along so Value Options can't contest that.

In the meantime, I left a message for my therapist's office asking to reschedule for next week in case this isn't sorted out by Thursday.
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