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Mill Girl Quilts plug and Laurel likes color-your-own rasterized posters.

Psst to quilters and those of you in the Boston area: Mill Girl Quilts in North Chelmsford has new owners -- my aunts Debbie and Cricket. If you stop by or order online, tell them Missy sent you. (Note that this is not an invitation to you to call me that. Only family members get that privilege.)

In anticipation of the new school year, Laurel wants to replace the previous year's artwork made at school with "cool" posters. My thriftiness won out because it offered near-instant gratification over ordering posters online, and Atomic Betty was the first image we rasterized and printed out using the stand-alone version of Rasterbator, assembled and colored in with crayon.

Rasterized poster of Atomic Betty

Source image: from Atomic Betty Desktop Wallpaper

To get an idea of scale, the poster is a few inches smaller in both directions than the 24x36" rotary cutting mat I assembled it on. Before assembly, it was printed on 9 letter-size sheets in landscape orientation. I eliminated the borders at the assembly seams with a rotary paper trimmer, overlapping the seams on the back side and reinforcing them with masking tape.
Tags: 306.85_family, 646.1_fabric, 745.5_handicrafts, laurel

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