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Laurel writes a post. (She thought it was an e-mail window. Don't ask.)

Dear Sarah,

Do you know that I'm home?

This is how I came home: I came home on airplane. On the back of the seats, there were TVs. I watched Scooby-Doo from the other row. Then after that I watched another Scooby-Doo by the time I left.

We borrowed [rented] somebody's blue vehicle. In front of Pop-Pop there was a blue Viper with a white stripe. When we got to the gate at home, the Viper was parked there. We parked in our second parking space because none of our neighbors were using our space this time.

Pop-Pop just fell asleep for the day. Before he fell asleep, Mommy helped me unpack my stuff and the black suitcase with my toys in it. Then I had a hot dog and Pop-Pop fell asleep on the couch. Now he is asleep on my bed!

Remember when the puppies just ate my first raccoon? His name was R.J.. Grandma Dorothy sent me a new raccoon. I will never bring him back to Colorado because I don't want the dogs to eat him up! The other mail I got was a package from Mommy's friend Merry with sparkle barrettes and fish stickers and a white fluffy boa! I got a birthday card from Grandma Harmon and Strawberry Shortcake from Netflix.

I miss you. And Mahgee. And the girls. Hi Holly! Hi Daisy!
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