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Little grumpiness followed by a lot of Biko rambling.

Today's moment of grumpiness: I love my DivaCup, but if I could just stop menstruating altogether I would be so darn happy I'd throw a party and invite everyone I know.

I was moderately grumpy at the noise level our upstairs neighbors have gotten to again (when an adult is not there, the 'tween and teen-aged children run amok) but now I have earplugs in to protect my hearing in case someone resorts to the blood-curdling noise that drives dogs crazy and scares grown men. I seem to see better when I can't hear very well. Hmm.

Now, on to some Biko amusement...

It was pointed out last week that I use the phrase "kitty crack" in place of "catnip" so much that when I say "kitty crack", Biko comes running into the kitchen and waits expectantly for me to take the bag of catnip out of the freezer and drop a couple pinches into her box.

While she has a nice carpeted kitty condo, a kitty tower as tall as me, and numerous plush cat beds, her favorite place to curl up is a cardboard flat. (That's the flat tray that small canned or jarred items are shrink-wrapped and shipped in.)

She is currently attempting to train me to differentiate between requests for ice in her water bowl and a treat in her food bowl. She will not eat treats out of hand or off any surface, only out of her food bowl and not when anyone's looking in her direction. Since I'm still learning, I just put ice in her water bowl whenever I get ice for myself and give her a treat when she continues making noise at her food and water spot after getting ice.

Biko has been attempting to appropriate my desk chair. It's fine when I'm not sitting there, but if she's in the chair and I want to sit there, she sprawls out so I have a space about 3" deep to sit on. I used to be nice and roll the chair out of the way and use a dining chair, but after Vogon pointed out that the kitty condo is just a few feet away from my desk I now either attempt to move sleepy cat to the top of the kitty condo or I just give her a stern look and tell her I need my chair, then tip her off it if she doesn't get down on her own.

I let her get away with sleeping on my pillow, my favorite blanket, and on my feet until I give her that space on the bed, but I draw the line at my chair. Besides, I'm a total pushover for Febrezing the carpet after we've had visitors (especially Grandpa's Yorkie, which she hisses at so it hides behind Grandpa) and any other time she 'complains' about the smell. I'm starting to think I'm her pet.

edit 2201: if you're on Catster, feel free to friend her:
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