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Anti-Procrastination Day, outpatient clinic visit, Randy Jackon Oreo ads and Laurel on the phone.

Wednesday being Anti-Procrastination Day for FlyLady folks, I screwed up my courage and did two things I'd been putting off: I made an appointment with the NorthSTAR-contracted therapist in my neighborhood and I listened to the voice mail that was left while my phone was off.

I teared up at all the nice messages you guys left for me and laughed at an unintentional message Laurel left, which consisted of several seconds of hearing Laurel breathing into the phone while Mom (in the background) asked her if it went to voice mail, then Laurel said "Mo-om!" and let out an exasperated sigh before hanging up. Gosh, she's funny at this age.

Yesterday I was really sleepy after taking my morning meds (Celexa) so I laid down on the couch and slept most of the morning, then I went to bed early so I could wake up on time for an early appointment at the outpatient clinic, so I slept an awful lot more than usual but I was up and at 'em at 0630.

We got a little later start than last time, getting there just ten minutes before my earlier appointment time but it didn't hurt anything since the lab person was late so we had a nice 30 or 40 minute wait for her and promptly went into my nurse visit. I was instructed to eat more and to eat things that would encourage regularity because I've been irregular since starting my new meds. I think I'll start using the Citrucel Clear Mix we have.

Luckily everyone's nuts there so no-one looked at me for laughing in the waiting room when the Randy Jackson Oreo ad came on the radio -- seriously, who thought of that?

Now Laurel's reading me books over the phone and telling me about the puppies. I'm happy.
Tags: 158.1_personal_growth, 817_humor

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