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Remi Frazier's Million Dollar Destiny, redux.

What better day than Independence Day to blog again about Remi Frazier chasing the American Dream?

Since I last wrote about it, he's debuted his product idea -- Mantool, a customizable multitool -- and made Business Week ("A Million Bucks In A Month").

His project is currently conducting broad, anonymous market research that you can help with -- just e-mail mantoolsurvey[at]gmail[dot]com with the following information:
- Generally, what your job, hobby and other related pastimes are,
- A list of about eight tools you'd most want to see available (including plier varieties),
- More ideas for craft-specific tools -- those very specialized devices that only you and your fellow tradesmen, hobbyists or enthusiasts use.

edit: They're on their final survey now:
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