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The morning was devoted to using the new pole saw to trim overhanging branches that concern Grandpa: a couple off a walnut tree by the side fence and a bunch out of a ficus that's so overgrown mosquitoes are breeding in the perpetually damp spots created by decomposing leaves that got caught in the branches.

After one 6' long dead branch came off the walnut, Mom mentioned that I should ask Vogon if he wants it since he's into woodworking. Unfortunately, it got cut into more manageable pieces by the time I confirmed he wanted it, but we cut another a similar-sized piece down later. We couldn't figure out whether it would get an oversize baggage charge if I tried to bring it home with me, so it went back to Colorado with my parents for now.

Lunch was chicharrones de cueritos, which Laurel refused to even try (not a /bad/ idea if you think about where they come from) but happily chowed down on rice and beans.

During the afternoon, I read a book Mom brought down, Creating Your Perfect Quilting Space: Sewing-Room Makeovers for Any Space And Any Budget. Oh, the ideas that gave me... now I want to pick up an 8x24" Omnigrid® ruler to try the book's suggestion for uniformly folding sub-3-yard cuts of fabric.

Miscellaneous craft chatter included:
  • looking at her latest quilt-in-progress to discuss repeating patterns for quilting the background of it (another pattern from When Quilters Gather: 20 Patterns of Piecers at Play but I can't tell you what one until it's done),

  • picking out a pattern from the baby quilt book for me to start for Amy, and

  • my grousing about how I need to discipline myself to sit down and work on the backstitching for New World Discovery because it's so close to done, yet I feel like I'm out of steam to finish it.

Laurel missed the ice cream truck that caught her attention, so we split a jumbo ice cream sandwich we'd bought the day before and stashed in the freezer. She was pleased.

Dinner was a wonderful affair of carne con popotes, refried beans with a little chorizo thrown in, and wonderful handmade tortillas Dad picked up the day before.

After dinner, we went down to Olvera Street and bumped along the vendors that were open late. Laurel tried on a red charro hat with gold embroidery, threw pennies in the fountain, and picked out a purple accordion for her very own. (She loves the little blue accordion at my parents and plays it for their dogs, who "sing" along with it.) I bought a pretty embroidered folk shirt and more postcards to fill out and send to her friends. We found a place that makes filled churros and tried all three kinds: cajeta, crema and fresa (caramel, custard and strawberry). When I unload my camera, there's a hilarious picture of me holding one of each with a goofy grin on my face.

We drove home along Beverly, looking at the new subway line going in and reminiscing through East LA about places we'd gone with Grandma. I took a picture of the King Taco sign for good measure.

After Irma returned home from bunco night, she sat down with Mom and I to go over the jewelry my parents had been keeping in a safe-deposit box for the past few years per Grandma's request. I heard some new family stories (mostly involving jewelry, of course) and laughed myself sick at the story about Grandma losing a living jeweled beetle in a hotel and everyone's frantic efforts to find it.

For those of you wondering about what jewelry I inherited from Grandma, we're picking out the pieces we want as we go through each lot. I came home with a pair of diamond studs (could be real, could be costume jewelry, doesn't really matter to me) and a pair of earrings with a U-shaped post so the backing is also decorative, but I should inquire at the Jewelry Exchange whether they can replace the missing backing.


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Jun. 17th, 2006 08:21 am (UTC)
Strawberry churros! I think you got me back for my cheese gluttony shortly before you left :)
Jun. 17th, 2006 09:42 am (UTC)
They cooked the churros while we waited and let the first few out cool just long enough to break in half and fill, so I got gooey, warm strawberry jam and caramel on my hands while I was holding the filled churros. Somehow I got half a crema one and half a cajeta one and no strawberry, but I was assured it was delicious.

(Dad, never wanting to be wasteful, ordered /nine/ churros -- one of each filled kind and six plain -- once he realized they were cooking them on the spot.)

Cheese gluttony? *perks up* I think I missed that, unless it was when you were teasing me with baked Brie.
Jun. 19th, 2006 04:28 am (UTC)
Damn that sounds soooo good. I can't blame your Dad for ordering that many churros. Hell, if that were me, I probably would have ordered at least that many just for myself :)

I should start my next countdown to cheese indulgence. It's soo good but around here it seems like it's priced based on the percentage of calories from fat or something. I can buy a bottle each of good French, German, and Italian wine for what some stores around here charge for a small wheel of brie or camembert, and they overcharge for foreign wines like you wouldn't believe out here.
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