Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu (oddharmonic) wrote,
Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu

2006 Los Angeles vacation, day 4: shopping, Original Tommy's, more shopping.

We headed out just before lunchtime for the Chinos -- a rather nebulous description for where the Fashion District, Toy District and Wholesale District meet in downtown Los Angeles -- and spent the afternoon haggling, buying things and laughing at pants mannequins with their behinds sticking out. Laurel quickly found out what I meant when I suggested she wear sneakers instead of her new heeled sandals and spent most of the trip being carried by one of us.

Things we acquired there:
  • Laurel: a set of pink satin brocade pajamas with an adorable Mandarin collar, a little kisslock bag that matched the pajamas, a Strawberry Shortcake shirt and capris, two pairs of tatami sandals, a baseball cap with Ariel on it, a little purse with Dora the Explorer on it, and a set of Toy Story 2 action figures.

  • Me: a pair of earrings (which will get a separate post later), two 5" long rhinestone-bedecked beak clips, a pair of cute denim shorts (a vendor in Santee Alley took one look at me and said "you wear a [size]", so I asked her to recommend a pair of shorts that were trendy but not too short), a t-shirt with Betty Boop on it (same vendor as the shorts), and a SpongeBob blinky for Vogon.

  • Sarah: a handbag that looked like a yellow Volkswagen Beetle and probably some other things I forgot to note; Woody and Jessie from the Toy Story 2 action figures spent the ride home zipped into it. Don't ask, don't tell, I guess.

I seriously considered buying a pair of capris with rhinestones crusting the back pockets, but I don't really need to buy a pair of pants I'll never wear. I also passed on a green halter top that had more sequins and paillettes per square inch than most belly dancing accessories I've seen, but every time I saw it I joked that I'd never get lost in a crowd with it on.

Laurel had another Powerpuff Girls ice cream bar, this time from a street vendor, but once the melting ice cream got on her favorite shirt she was done and we wiped her up with a wet wipe while waiting to cross the street.

On the way back, we passed the Far East Café in Little Tokyo in hopes it was open -- the refurbished neon light outside looks great, but the windows of the ground-level café are still newspapered from the inside -- and made another obligatory stop of every LA trip, the Original Tommy's at Beverly and Rampart.

Laurel again passed on the food and asked for Burger King, which apparently had as much to do with her wanting a slice of Hershey's pie as the kids' meal toy, which was a Bratz genie lamp and bangle bracelets. (If you have to ask what Bratz are, you probably don't want to know. If you're still curious, they're 10" fashion dolls with bigger heads and feet than Barbie dolls, wear more urban fashion than Barbies, and they're released in themed annual collections.)

After dinner, we headed over to Home Depot to look at pole saws and picked one up there, then stopped at Wal-Mart on the way back in search of bottled water (the grocery stores near us were out) and Sarah helped me find two more pairs of shorts (khaki twill in the same cut as my favorite wearing-out denim shorts and an olive green pair of Bermuda shorts) and the perfect toiletry bag (green canvas, no surprise there). We ogled a shrink-wrapped deal of two 96-count boxes of Crayola crayons plus a bonus 8-pack of Wal-Mart blue shades for $6 on a clearance rack but resisted the urge to buy them.
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