Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu (oddharmonic) wrote,
Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu

2006 Los Angeles vacation, day 3: yardwork, playing in a green pool, and the ObLate Shopping Trip.

Since it was technically a working vacation, we got down into what we planned:
  • David cut down the dead tree in the back corner of the yard and cut it into smaller chunks to load onto a tarp and carry out to Grandpa Art's truck. After some pushing and crunching, it made one large load in the back of his small pickup and was secured with the tarp to go to the dump later in the week.

  • David cleaned off the patio roof and cleaned out its gutters after hearing that Grandpa goes up there in the rain to clean them out(!).

  • The pool filter got cleaned a few times because it stopped moving water once it's clogged with algae and we added algaecide and several doses of shock because the water test results showed virtually no chlorine.

In the afternoon, Laurel wanted to swim in the still-green pool and the water test results (pH, chlorine, alkalinity) were all acceptable, so we inflated her floatie ring and the spring-wire pool lounges and she had fun in the pool with David and Sarah while Dad went around the pool twice with an algae brush, leading to jokes that he's the original Scrubbing Bubble.

While resting after all that, Laurel heeded the call of another ice cream truck and chose a Tweety Bird ice cream bar. She asked for a bowl and spoon when it became too melted for her and ate the whole thing, which impressed me.

After dinner, we made one of the hallmarks of every good LA trip: a shopping trip just before closing time. (Amy's the best at these, but she stayed in Colorado for her last week working before maternity leave.) Sarah, Laurel and I hit Target with Dad and Aunt Irma.

We spent most of our time letting Laurel try on sandals before she picked out a pair with wedge heels and rhinestones and looked at toys on our way to the front of the store, where Laurel picked out a Pet Doctor Barbie. I peeked at shorts and got frustrated by the short shorts in girls' and juniors' and ladies' starting a few sizes larger than I wanted, but picked up a denim scooter from the girls' department. I know they're technically a fashion don't at my age, but if you're looking up my skirt we really should talk, ne?

At bedtime, Laurel asked me to snip the stitch holding the doll's stethoscope to the jacket so she could undress her new Barbie to sleep. After I did, she got very quiet for a few minutes, then I heard her say "Thanks for listening to my heart!" and turned to see the doll-sized stethoscope in her navel.
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