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Back home, more later.

I flew east through Phoenix yesterday without a repeat of last year's delay since monsoon season starts in July and my flight into Dallas arrived early. Laurel arrived in Las Vegas with my family around the time Vogon and I were on our way home from the airport yesterday, spent the night at Circus Circus (where else? ha) and are due to arrive in Colorado sometime today.

I noticed I was getting a bit of a sore throat while waiting to board in Ontario so I treated myself to a smoothie with added vitamin C, then started pushing water after that, but today I woke up with a gritty-feeling throat and a throbbing headache. I took a naproxen and more vitamin C, but my stomach decided to get in on it too while I was still considering adding some zinc. (We keep it stocked in orally disintegrating tablets and liquid nasal gel.) I've backed off the water and am nursing some ginger ale.

I'll write my travel notes up later. Until then, you can be amused that:
- Laurel acquired four pairs of sandals in a single week, ranging from tatami sandals to a pair of wedge-heeled slides with large rhinestone flowers (all for summertime and home wear; we'll find a nice pair of strap-on sandals for school later);
- I came home with Laurel's suitcase packed full of hand-me-down clothes from my late grandmother, a couple of stunning folklórico pieces (mostly embroidered, one decorative weaving and one cutwork) and embroidery pieces in various states of progress along with a shopping bag full of what looks like 2-ply crewel yarn; and
- we bought a t-shirt for Vogon that says "Diamonds are forever but a girl never forgets crabs".
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