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Getting ready to travel again.

Laurel's carry-on is ready to go. I have the rest of the packing to finish and one more load of laundry and dishwasher cycle to run, as well as making sure the living room and kitchen are good to go while I'm gone. I'm glad I got the master bedroom dusted and vacuumed this week so I don't have to do that again, though I'm not sure exactly what I'll do with the plants. I guess I'll call him every other day and ask him to water them, but I promise to take a picture of the Meyer lemon tomorrow so you can see the fruit in case they go away while I'm gone.

I'm getting my Laura Cantrell fix tonight since I haven't acquired a card for the MP3 player I have yet, then I'm burning a couple of mix discs for Laurel and asking Vogon if I can borrow his portable DVD player. I plan to take a break from my current fast read for some lighter vacation reading, probably Paul Collins' Sixpence House since it's been patiently waiting for me since Christmas (thanks again, revme!).

I'm going to miss my daily reading here and my editing spurts at Muppet Wiki, but maybe I'll score some used Sesame albums or DVDs for our collection while we're on vacation. Heck, maybe I'll score a VCR so I can type up segment lists and credits for all the videos I have boxed up until I repair or replace our shorted-out one. (For those of you just tuning in, Laurel fed the VCR a penny last year.)

As always, I'll have my cell phone with me if you want to get ahold of me while I'm out of town.
Tags: 028_reading, 648_housekeeping, 780_music, 917_north_american_travel

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