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Brief update: psoriasis, wireless headphones, wonky sleep schedule.

A few days after trying moist burn pads on the patch of psoriasis on my arm, the overall constant itching is down, but I'm keeping my arm wrapped to prevent unintentional scratching. It seems to have accelerated the loss of a couple layers of plaques (scales) as the itching spikes periodically then, when I unwrap my arm, it sheds like varnish flaking off an old piece. It's weird, but the wrapping is helping the broken skin heal.

I finally got my wireless headphones tuned back in after retrieving them from the study a few weeks ago, but there's still a very narrow high-pitched tone, similar to the noise a TV makes, that's annoying the dickens out of me. (I unsuccessfully tried to tune them back in after I retrieved them before I figured out that if I have the audio splitter switched to the headphone jack, it cuts off the signal to the wireless headphones since they're plugged in as my primary speakers. Duh.)

My sleeping schedule has been borked for over a week now. Vogon has been sleeping in the study since he was sick last weekend and I have trouble falling asleep in the master bedroom on my own. It baffles me because the idea of having an entire queen-size bed to myself is an amazing luxury, but I can't seem to fall asleep alone there unless I've run myself so down I start nodding off sitting up. I've been alternately running myself down like that, which I know isn't good for me, and sleeping on the couch, which irritates him. I think I'll start taking melatonin at bedtime again after vacation. For now, I'm sufficiently run down enough to sleep. 'Night.
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