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Not being frustrated by the cat, baby hammocks, and more Wonder Pets! rambling.

If Biko could read, I would have written her a note over the weekend that read something like: When I put my hands up and say "Truce!", that means I'm not trying to rile you up. Quit swiping at my bare legs or I'll give you some cool-off time in the bedroom, you senile old bat.

I'm working very hard on not getting as frustrated by the little things she does that annoy me. Today she jumped on my suitcase across the room from her cat tower, dumping my freshly folded laundry all over the floor. I should have put it away as soon as I'd folded it. I think a true hard-sided suitcase wouldn't react the same way to that, so I'll keep my eyes open for new luggage when I'm in Los Angeles next month. (I really should since the suitcase that holds my daily clothing is actually my mother's.)


Another thing I'd buy if I had a million dollars: lots of these cute baby hammocks. Why limit them to just babies? I'd get one for Laurel to use as a doll cradle, one for Biko to nap in, one to hold balls of yarn...


I am becoming obsessed with Wonder Pets!. I watched it twice last week (it's on at 11:30 Eastern/10:30 Central weekdays on Nick Jr.) and delighted Laurel on Friday by knowing the theme song. After I set my user icon for Windows to Ming-Ming Duckling, like the icon for this post, she asked me to make one of Linny the Guinea Pig for her computer. While I was thinking about it, I picked up a Wonder Pets! screensaver and watched the Behind the Scenes clip at Why resist an operetta starring baby animals and teamwork? It's cute and good for you... but mostly I love it when Ming-Ming sings "This is ser-wious!"
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