Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu (oddharmonic) wrote,
Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu

Photos: Laurel in the pool, 19 May 2006.

At first, she made a lot of noise about the water being cold and didn't want to get any further into the water.

Treading carefully into the unknown depths (mostly 3 feet, 5 feet in a few spots), she clung to the edge of the pool for reassurance.

She continued hanging onto the edge around the entire perimeter of the pool...

...stopping once to smile for the camera. (And tell me we had to print that picture to send to Grandma.)

I don't know exactly why I like this picture of her swimming, but I do.

Once she let go of the edge, she paddled the length of the pool several times. It was very important to her to go "super fast" and beat me across the pool every time. It worked out because I walked slowly.

After she was ready to get out, she shivered and told me she was going to freeze -- in 98-degree heat. Yep. I replied I was going to take a picture of her shivering so when she complained later about being hot, she'd remember that she hadn't been hot all the time.
Tags: 779_photographs, 797.21_swimming, laurel

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