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Laurel's eye surgery, possible LASIK screening, Magic Eraser, walking in the heat & funny Dad call.

The surgery scheduler at Laurel's ophthalmologist found an opening next week, so we have a preoperative appointment after school on Tuesday and she's scheduled for surgery on Friday, the day after the end of the school year. (The eye muscle surgery should be covered by our new insurance. They'll let us know if it's not and we can reschedule for later this year.) Keep your fingers crossed for her to have binocular vision soon!

Vogon also wanted me to make LASIK screening appointments for the two of us (i.e., him and I; Laurel actually has 20/20 vision in each eye), but their first open time is Monday afternoon so I'd have to find someone to pick up Laurel at school and watch her for about an hour afterward if I want to do that. I've left a voicemail for the teacher that supervises the after-school program at Laurel's school in hopes we can pay for her to attend just Monday afternoon, but if that's a no-go I guess I'll just pass on that. No big deal, since I've worn glasses for over half my life anyway.


may_lyn asked about some of the things I've used the Magic Eraser to clean. Here's what I've done with the first one from the several I bought yesterday:
- cleaned Laurel's sneakers, sandals and dress shoes
- wiped spots off the major kitchen appliances and the wall behind the trash can
- wiped down the front of the kitchen cabinets
- wiped marks off the flat paint in several rooms
- wiped down the light switch plates in several rooms
- got a lot of grime off our front door, especially around the handles and bottom edge of the door
- cleaned the grime that sticks to the top of the baseboards in the master bathroom
- tried it on a candle wax stain on the toilet seat lid without success, but got the same stain off the floor (we used to have a large candle in a footed holder on top of the toilet tank, but it took a header a few times and left marks where it came in contact with surfaces on its fall)


Something about lunch made Vogon sleepy and my repeated verbal attempts to wake him up when it was time to pick up Laurel were unsuccessful, so I put on my lace-up shoes and started walking twenty minutes before school got out. Even with relatively low (20%) humidity, I sweat like the Mexican I am walking at a quick pace in 95 degree (35°C) heat.

Partway down the long stretch between the two-lane divided street bisecting our neighborhood and the six-lane road crossing between us and the school, a mother of a first-grader stopped and offered me a ride the rest of the way, kindly giving me a few minutes to wait in the shade before the end of the school day. While waiting, I tried Vogon's cell phone and the house line to let him know I'd gotten to the school but would really appreciate a ride home. Just after Laurel's class came outside, I saw our neighbor and asked if we could get a ride home with her, so we had some more rest in the shade before going home in an air-conditioned car on a day I could really appreciate it!


On Tuesday night as I was tuning in for the start of House, Dad called me and said "We're at the corner of 18th and California, walking toward Welton. How do I get to The Paramount from here?". Instead of replying with something witty about the same way you get to Carnegie Hall, I turned to Google Maps and reassured him he was going in the right direction, but also needed to head south to get to 16th and Glenarm.
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