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Laurel has a sore ear; we buy an otoscope at a pharmacy that offers rapid strep screens.

I learned today that Trinity Pharmacy on Rosemeade and Josey in Carrollton offers rapid strep screens when Dr. Dan is in. As with the other services he provides, call ahead to find out the best time to come by: 972-492-4411. As a bonus, they're also a compounding pharmacy. (Our next closest one, ApothéCure, is down by Brookhaven College but they carry Sinus Buster.)

We stopped by there to buy an otoscope today after Laurel went to the school nurse's office after lunch complaining of feeling like she had a bug in her ear and the nurse reported her left ear looked red. We asked her what she'd had for lunch to rule out a food reaction and Vogon looked in her ear with our new otoscope, confirming the nurse's observation. We gave her some children's Tylenol and Benadryl after getting home. She's been kept to quiet activities the rest of the day and we'll look at her ear again in the morning, then make a doctor's appointment then if her ear still looks bad.

edit 16 May, 0915: her ears were still red this morning. The doctor's office doesn't open until 0830, so we sent her off to school and made an appointment for this afternoon.
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