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Taste Addison a no-go, wiki rambling, garden insect woes, and a kawaii wind-up Neko Bus tin toy.

Taste Addison is this weekend. I thought Vogon wanted to go, but it doesn't look like it. Maybe next year. I really want to try the dessert fondue from the Melting Pot's booth.


I've been quiet here because I'm having a wiki-writing spurt elsewhere -- a little at Wikipedia, a lot at MuppetWiki. I hope to invest in a paid hosting service in the not-too-distant future and wikify TODCRA with my freshly-honed skillz. Wiki wiki wiki.

I was going to make some screencaps this week for MuppetWiki, but it turns out this computer doesn't have a DVD decoder installed on it. Everything the Windows Media Player plugin site recommends is out of my budget. I'm willing to use a standalone program if it's free and found VLC media player, which I'll be trying out later today. Is there another free program you'd recommend?


It looks like the same kind of caterpillars that stripped a 12" pot of thyme bare in two days last year are back. I knocked two off the grapes and one off the oregano today, then dispatched them with fire (a long-handled lighter). I'm not sure how often I'm going to have to go out and check for these things, nor do I know how to refill the lighter. This could get interesting.

I'm concerned for the limes because the spider mite infestation has gotten really bad, but I'm not to use insecticide because of Vogon's mantids and I'm not feeling up to washing down two densely-leafed trees as tall as I am several times a week. Wiping it down leaf by leaf and paying attention to the branches to get every sign of the mites off will only keep them in check, not eliminate them, and I'm not sure that's a good trade-off for two trees that probably won't produce fruit this year.


Today's installment of things I would buy if I had a million dollars: a wind-up tin toy of Neko Bus. This may not be interesting to those of you that aren't Totoro fans, but the combination of cute with something I'd like to collect (I have a couple of Schylling wind-up toys) made me smile.
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