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Vogon sick, Mother's Day cards, links (pineapple cutting, fairy doors, Hide and Creep).

On Monday, Vogon only put in a few hours at work and told someone on the phone that he was taking the day off to take care of me because I was sick. I was confused because I've got self-care for sinus flareups down cold. Today, he's actually sick. *snerk*

When did Mother's Day cards became so complex? With six cards to buy for far-away relatives, I bypassed the more expensive cards to get the 99-cent Hallmark cards to embellish at home before mailing them. I nearly peed myself laughing when she wrote in her aunt's card, "Get married with [uncle]!". (They got married almost two years ago; she *really* liked the party.)

Miscellaneous links:
- How to Cut a Pineapple from the simplehuman blog (simplehuman_rss);
- The Wee Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor, Mich., brought to my attention by npr_junkie;
- Hide and Creep, a horror-comedy with zombies and rednecks, has its television premiere on Sci-Fi tonight; Carol of drinkatworkblog's brothers Chuck and Chris are in it. Go watch, it's funny. BRAAINS!
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