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Red beans and rice, tonight's to-do list, and looking for gift ideas for a 6-year-old boy.

(Phew. He left for happy hour somewhere.)

The steamer is doing its thing with rice, so we'll be having red beans and rice for dinner tonight. Did you know that Louis Armstrong used to sign his letters with "Red Beans and Ricely Yours"? The things I learn from reading Joy of Cooking.

Things I plan to do tonight:
  • rethread the serger with black thread so I can repair his silk robe (its seams are serged so it'll be an easy repair) edit 2120: done during the end of whatever that show is before House. It was easy peasy.

  • compare plates from his broken desk chair and a spare office chair we had stowed in Laurel's closet to see if I can just replace the leg/support assembly and get his old chair ready for use again edit 2120: they did match, but I was halfway through removing the fasteners from the broken assembly when he came in shortly after 1800 and told me he hadn't asked me to touch that, so it sat quietly and waited until he went into the bedroom around 2100. It took a little elbow grease to get the stripped fasteners out of the broken assembly, but the scavenged assembly fasteners had a nice bolt head (both sets of fasteners had hex slots) and reattachment was a breeze. The repaired chair is sitting in front of his desk, the dining chair he had been using has been returned, and the broken assembly and seat from the donor chair are waiting for me to take them to the dumpster or down with the trash on Thursday morning, whichever comes first.

  • sort through the clutter in the living room and get the boxes waiting to be sealed and shipped ready to go (I have a bunch of stuff to send to my sisters, six pair of Gerber trainers for mayna, a rice-filled pillow for misfitina and a kid's jacket and some swimming accessories for sulinpanda) so I can get them sent out this week.

I also have to get Mother's Day cards bought, filled out and ready to mail (was going to do that today, but I didn't want to walk in 95-degree heat with high humidity) and buy a gift for Laurel's classmate whose birthday party we'll be attending this weekend. Any suggestions for a neat gift for a 6-year-old boy?
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