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Laurel loves getting a haircut and new nail polish fun (Magical Nail Makeup).

After going almost two months (!) without a haircut, Laurel got her locks trimmed back up to chin-length and a better bang trim than the interim one I had given her. When the stylist asked me if her bangs needed to be trimmed shorter, Laurel put her hands up like Judy Garland on the movie poster for A Star Is Born and said "I'm cute!". As the chair was lowered, she put her arms up above her head and I briefly worried she was going to channel Esther Williams next.

Tomorrow she's getting a pedicure with one of the colors of Sally Hansen Magical Nail Makeup we recently scored at the dollar store. It covers so well in one coat I'm tempted to go back and get more in the colors we like the most.
Tags: 646.7_personal_care_and_beauty, laurel

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