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If I wanted to listen to Metallica, I'd [insert rude comment here].

Which is more likely to be effective on my clueless upstairs neighbors that play their music too loud? (I've mentioned to them before that their music is too loud, but it had neglible effect on their volume.)
  • Banging on the ceiling (it worked once, but not today).

  • Taking up a pair of dollar-store headphones and asking them to use them.

  • [almost everything else I thought up off the top of my head isn't legal]

I get the impression they aren't terribly concerned about being considerate neighbors since they put their trash under the stairs between trash days (a $50 fine if management sees it) and drink light beer like it's going out of fashion. (They put out an empty 24-pack box and a couple grocery bags of empty cans every Monday.)

I don't want to blast anything without direction in here because our downstairs neighbors are nice, so I'm thinking about taping some speakers to the ceiling and randomizing a wake-up call (only at legal hours, of course) with something sufficiently annoying. Based on their generic merkin rock blaring, I think just about anything I listen to should annoy them. I'm thinking... numbers stations. Ne?
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