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Laurel has a cold. Weighing somewhere over 30-some pounds (we don't have a scale), two dropperfuls of baby cold drops wasn't cutting it, so we bought some pediatric cold syrup. Doing an eye wash in the shower really sucks. That is all.

Infant cold drops were handy because I could hold her firmly and squirt it at the back of her throat so she couldn't spit anything back at me. Her recent lack of animosity toward it, accepting doses from the dropper without having to hold her, should have tipped me off she was too big for it.

Between the constant snot (she occasionally asks for a tissue herself now, even) and the fussing after sneezing and coughing, we decided to get kids' cold syrup when we went out for a few groceries. When we got home, I poured out a partial dose into a medicine spoon and sat her on my lap to try giving it to her. She acted like she was going to take it, but spat it out all over, including her front, chest to diaper waistband. Himself held her hands out so she couldn't spread it further and I wiped her down, then he decided _he_ would hold her while I tried again with another partial dose.

I told him to hold her with her head slightly elevated and as secure/immobile as he could. I don't know what was going through his head, but he failed to hold her head up just as I was giving her the cold syrup, so not only did she spit it all over, she got it all over her face and in her eyes.

She went from fussing/screeching (she doesn't like being held for meds) to outright screaming and Himself started getting loud about how she needed an eye wash (not that we could do that in our tiny excuse for a kitchen sink). While he was flapping around in the kitchen, I decided we could do an eye wash in the shower.

I hate lukewarm water. Five minutes of holding wet yelling squirming baby later (and perhaps 90 seconds of actually holding her eyes open for a decent eye wash), I couldn't hold her any longer so I put her down and washed the rest of her down with baby soap. You'd think for all the screaming I caused, she'd all but run away from me, but Himself had to extract her from the tub to get her into her hooded towel.

We finally got meds into her by diluting it in a bottle of juice, undercutting my policy to only allow water in bottles (and then only at bed- and nap-time) due to her inappropriate behavior gluing book pages together with milk/juice. At least now she's less whiny.

Moral: use a big damn dropper until they're willing to take meds from a spoon (or pill). I'll update with a link when I find one and try it out on her.


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Jan. 10th, 2003 02:44 pm (UTC)
I managed. I've gotten a lot better about water in my face, although not enough to take up swimming or anything.

The hardest part was holding onto her and holding her eyes open at the same time. I could've used a couple extra pairs of arms for that.
Jan. 10th, 2003 12:23 pm (UTC)
Kira has always been awesome about meds. Then again this is a child that never cries from shots or IV's she says thank you. My other two however hated taking meds. I would pour the dose in a medicine cup and use a recycled dropper to administer it till it was all gone.
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