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Meme: one letter, ten words.

Meme: Comment on this entry and I will give you a letter. Write ten words beginning with that letter, including an explanation of what the word means to you and why.

may_lyn gave me the letter S.

  1. Scouting: I grew up in a family active in Scouting and gained a lot from both proximity and participation. I give back now as an assistant den leader and committee member for a local pack.

  2. Sesame Street: my not-so-guilty little pleasure. Some women collect shoes or figurines; I collect 1970s Sesame Street albums and miscellaneous ephemera. My pride and joy is a 1976 child's mug which has Sherlock Hemlock among the characters painted on it.

  3. Sewing: the hobby that Vogon would like to see me turn into a marketable skill. Right now I mostly putz around, but I'll be starting a quilt for my currently-incubating niece or nephew shortly and I'm tempted to get into heirloom sewing thanks to a new subscription to Sew Beautiful.

  4. Siamese: our Biko is a tortoiseshell-point traditional Siamese.

  5. Sinusitis: if I could fix any one of my medical irritations, it would be the chronic sinusitis I've had for the last decade.

  6. Sleep: a part of my life I should take more seriously. I've been trying to establish the habit of a regular sleep schedule for a few years now but it's been recently off between illness and spending time in the study late at night for some much-needed couple time which unfortunately keeps me up past my preferred bedtime.

  7. Snazaroo: my preferred face paint, it's hypoallergenic and washes off with just water, unlike the acrylic craft paint I've seen some face painters use (eek!).

  8. Soybeans: a complete protein, delicious snack, and source of my breakfast miso. And they made my boyfriend gay. Hee.

  9. Static: what I think my head is full of when I'm not being mindful.

  10. stevefm: a blog about Seattle/Northwest music that could use some contributors. (Talk to revme if you're interested.)
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