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Tagging old posts' locations with lat/long coordinates, I had a chuckle at how three years ago I was hoping to steer Laurel toward geeky clothing trends. Parts of that came to fruition, but more and more she's into things that are sparkly and pink, which is way out of my realm of experience. (I'll grant that I do own a shirt with #!/usr/bin/girl in glittery sans-serif on it, but it's silver on navy blue.)

The other day I saw an ad for the Be-Dazzler, which got me thinking about buying a quality setter sometime so Laurel could have more variety in embellished shirts. An all-metal desktop eyelet punch and setter has been on my fantasy tool queue for awhile to supplement my Prym Vario Plus pliers.


Tuesday night is the family carnival at the elementary school. This is a general relief for me because all the decorations will be out of my living room, but recruiting volunteers from Laurel's class for half-hour shifts of manning our classroom's game booth has been a bust. Only one parent returned the volunteer sign-up sheet that went home with the kids the week before Easter. I'm sending home another sheet letting the parents know that even 10-15 minutes' time helping out would be greatly appreciated, but I'm not expecting much.

After this, I look forward to getting underway with my latest crafty project: a Super Mario Brothers mobile. I picked up some bangle bracelets at the dollar store to be encased for structure in the pipes I'll be sewing in green nylon, I've got metallic paint for question boxes and coins, and I plan to make mushrooms with felt like these bottlecap pincushions.

I'm considering doing the character and item sprites on 14-count perforated plastic because I have several sheets of it in my stash, but mostly because I'm not sure what kind of coverage I'd get with even 6 strands of embroidery floss on 10-count plastic canvas. Anyone know?


FYI: This is the last week before I have the signatures I've collected notarized and turned in if anyone wants to sign my Kinky petition.


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Apr. 25th, 2006 04:32 pm (UTC)
You amaze me with your projects....I love your creativity!
AND I love the links you always post....great.

You must post photos of this mobile when you are finished.
Apr. 25th, 2006 06:56 pm (UTC)
Coming up with projects that keep my mind *and* hands busy is always a good thing. The inspiration for it came from a couple of places -- some folks in cross_stitch that have translated video game sprites into stitched designs, a Mario question blocks public art project, and an MIT hack a few months ago that turned Lobby 7 and Infinite Loop into a Mario Brothers level, which directly inspired the pipes.

I'm a little stressed today because Laurel came home sick from school this morning and that put a crimp in my plans to pick up balloons and a few last-minute decorating touches from the party supply store at lunch time, but since we won't be waiting to pick her up this afternoon I hope to head out in a bit. And if we don't, one of our neighborhood grocery stores has a great floral department that can deliver balloons to the school for me.
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